Consultancy in Human Resource Management and Organisational Change


Before my academic career, I worked for several years in the private and public sector as a recruiter, test developer, research assistant, trainer, consultant and HR consultant. I am co-founder of Adforum, a consulting firm specializing in screening and development of employees and organizations. Currently, I am a partner at Vitamins, a company specializing in measuring well-being and engagement of employees, teams and organizations.


I help companies improve their HR policies and practices. Common questions that give rise to a request for help have to do with:

  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Finding suitable job candidates
  • Designing a reliable and valid selection procedure
  • Developing a fair performance appraisal/management system
  • Developing and evaluating training programs
  • Preventing work stress and burnout
  • Managing organizational change
  • Aligning human resources with the business strategy

In addition to consulting, I give talks and workshops on these and other HR-related topics.


Companies that want to establish a long-term cooperation with me and improve their human resource policies through scientific research may consider financing a chair.