Another paper on pay level satisfaction published

Title: Pay Level Satisfaction and Employee Outcomes: The Moderating Effect of Autonomy and Support Climates

Author team: Bert Schreurs, Hannes Guenter, Hetty van Emmerik, Guy Notelaers, and Désirée Schumacher

Abstract: The present study examined autonomy climate (AC) and support climate (SC) as moderators of the relationship between pay level satisfaction (PLS) and employee outcomes (i.e., job satisfaction, affective commitment and intention to stay). Survey data were collected from 5801 Belgian employees, representing 148 units. The hypotheses derived from distributive justice theory and from research on the meaning of money received partial support. Multilevel analyses revealed that AC buffered the negative effects of low PLS on all three outcomes, and that SC exacerbated the negative effects of low PLS on intention to stay. Theoretical and practical implications of this differential moderating effect are discussed.



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